fi – Space

The Mannavibes fi – Space is designed for the health professional to enable them to give the client a full frequency immersion in a defined Space at their practice.

The fi- Space can be easily integrated (permanently or non permanent) into a lounge chair, massage table or check-up table. The same software as the Mannavibes Xtal app fuels the fi – Space module with therapeutic frequencies, this time covering the full body. Within this space the body has an opportunity to align in full to the dimensions of nature, with the calibrating pulses of the Mannavibes frequencies.

This method requires little time from the health practitioner and provides maximum comfort and privacy for the client. The Client may continue the PEMF treatment with the Mannavibes Xtal app at the convenience of their home or on the go!

The Golden ratio and irrational number φ (=1.618…) pronounced as fi”, coincidently also matching the abbreviation of full immersion, is also often called "divine proportion," because of its frequency in the natural world, as the Fibonacci sequence converges to φ.

We currently offer the Mannavibes fi Space exclusively to Mannavibes affiliates (Ambassadors), doctors and health practitioners, who already have experienced the results of the Mannavibes Xtal app with their clients.

If you are a health professional and would be interested to collaborate with Mannavibes, please send me an e-mail. We have rewarding commission programs for affiliates.

Please email for more info.