Reduced stress and anxiety, pain relief, enhanced bone and wound healing and improved sleep quality are five of the proven benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, a clinically proven, non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to improve health & well-being.

Try PEMF therapy via our affordable Mannavibes Xtal App, easily applicable, anywhere, anytime and reach the best version of yourself!

What is PEMF?

"A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device creates an alternating electrical current, which is used to generate specific Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields, which on its turn is helping to restore / stimulate the body's own regeneration processes. A PEMF device creates bursts (pulses) of low-level electromagnetic waves to heal damaged tissue and bone and to relieve injury-related pain."

Why Mannavibes

Therefore, Mannavibes claim to fame is that we've turned this technology into an affordable app, "the Mannavibes Xtal, for your smartphones with patented miniaturized electronics integrated into an elegant wearable gemstone, "the Xtal".

By our unique technology, PEMF therapy now, can be used anytime and anywhere, at your own convenience, while saving thousands of dollars, as you do not need to invest into control untis, coils, full body mats or any other expensive tools.

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Testimonials - Ecperiencing the change

So thankful to have some pain relief

Even my dogs responded well!

The pain diminished significantly after using three times.

Colorectal Bipolar Disorder has been quiet more than 2 months already!

It’s a miracle device.

I did not sleep longer, but I slept deeper.

Quickly after, I felt a bit better, and the next day, my chest discomfort was almost gone!

After using it once, I got immediate results!

Discomfort faded, and my shoulder felt very good for the whole day.

Turn your phone into a powerful healing tool...

The Mannavibes App supports the body's self-healing capacity using proven PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

The Xtal

Using specific frequency modulations through a frequency generator programmed in the app software, Mannavibes emits a PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field - via the Xtal, a specially developed applicator that contains electronics configured to work as an emitter. This way, PEMF therapy can be used without high investment into other tools. Xtal is catalyzing the body's self-healing capacity, just as much as other heavy, spacy and expensive PEMF therapy tools.

Mannavibes PEMF app & "Xtal"

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Mannavibes Functions

Twelve powerful standard app functions included with the purchase of the Xtal, plus one Bonus function.


Brings the body into a state of coherence - an orderly and harmonious synchronization among various systems of the body, such as heart, respiratory, and blood pressure rhythms. The strong Electro Magnetic Field of the heart is responsible for an energy information process imprinted throughout the body - literally into every cell

Tension Release

On an energetic level, the muscles and connective tissues hold onto tension, or old healing messages, whether they were effective or not. Imagine it as cookies on a computer drive; they might have been effective running certain programs at one time, but they become hindering when they accumulate over time and interfere with new programs. Tension can be directly addressed by sending "erase" messages in this function, even through the subtle sensation generated by Xtal, just as much as you can command your computer to eliminate previous cookies.


Love Helps clear traumas. Self-love and forgiveness of the self and others, are essential for healing any traumas or chronic physical discomfort which are a result from traumatic experience. Using Love and Resonance I prior to any other Mannavibes functions is an excellent primer for therapeutic progression.


Supports the mind coming to a relaxed state and letting go of worries, which may obstruct the efficiency of healing or in some case, even hinder everyday life experience. Emotional relaxation can be directly addressed by calming messages / signals included in this function. Note: The mind is not just in the brain but also the gut, so applying this to the stomach area is very effective.


This function brings the mind and body to a relaxed state, making it easier to drift into a deep, peaceful sleep. It is essential for body cells, as our bodies recover and refresh during sleeping.

Pain Relief

Pain is a physical signal alerting us that something is wrong. The cause of this might be disease, injury, mental or emotional suffering. Instead of suppressing such important warning signals, causing more malfunction, pain can be directly addressed by healing signals, or re-calibration signals, via PEMF therapy.


This function is a combination of pain relief, tension release, and chill. It is recommended for acute severe discomfort treatment and severe chronic pain, such as nerve pain of any kind.

Six Special Functions

*To help strengthen your immune system in light of our current pandemic*

Energy Flow

This function is used to support the energy and information transfer through the matrix of the body, including collagen fibers and fascia for all muscles and organs.

Cell Energy

This function is used on all parts of the body where energy production of cells is depleted, fatigued, or there is an increased need (due to pain, injury, or inflammation). It is also suitable for all organs, especially the liver.

Bio Photons

Supports cell communication - in every cell. It can be used everywhere on the body, for any kind of physical problem, and for emotional clarity (i.e. anxiety)


Supports liver cells and their metabolism for optimal detoxification. Purification also supports other symptoms related to liver function, including headaches, hangovers, vein issues, metabolism, fat, digestion, hormones, eye problems, and stress.

Female Energy

Resonates with most hormonal glands, the chakra system, central nervous system, the emotional heart, liver, and kidneys. In addition, it is great for general energy balancing, connection to earth, food cravings, and low libido (often related to stress and silent chronic inflammation, both of which cause overall low energy levels).

Male Energy

Resonates with most hormonal glands, the chakra system, central nervous system, the emotional heart, liver, and kidneys. In addition, it is great for general energy balancing, connection to earth, food cravings, and low libido (often related to stress and silent chronic inflammation, both of which cause overall low energy levels).

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

After just two short sessions,
I feel almost no pain.

The tumor in the breast is no longer visible.

It helped me get my energy back.

The sore throat is gone, and I can breathe well again.

It felt like my pain was lifted away!

After using sleep function, I woke up and I was completely calm!

Remarkable how much better I feel – zero pain and even able to run four miles

This is a superb healing tool.

It is already giving me positive results.

Mannavibes - Natural Frequencies

In nature we find frequencies created by the Earth Geomagnetic variations and Atmospheric frequencies. The human brain and connective tissue are in tune with these low frequencies.

Scholar & Scientific Publications

Stronger Bones, Improved Immunity, More Energy - ATP!, Endorphins and Pain Relief, Nerve and Tissue Regeneration, Better Sleep and HGH Secretion, Better Oxygenation and Circulation, Relaxation and Stress Reduction, The Whole-Body Battery Recharger, Enhances the Sodium-Potassium Pump, Increases ATP Production in the Mitochondria, Recharges Your Trans-Membrane Potential or TMP, Increases Cellular pH Alkalizing the Body and Cells, Improves Oxygen Uptake and Assimilation into Cells, Improves peripheral circulation, and blood flow to skin, Lowers Blood Viscosity, Improving Circulation and Microcirculation